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-RXG20-F load resistors

-RXG20-F load resistors

RXG20-F load resistors , resistance wire for the vertical corrugated, conducive to the heat sink to reduce the parasitic inductance, coated insulating coating, high power, high overload capability, high voltage (refer to the withstand voltage between the electrode with mounting bracket). Full load operating current and stable for a long time, the temperature rise below 300 degrees. Applied load, aging.

model power (w) l L1 L2 h mounting screw b c d e
 250 0660640600165788.210320M6

RXG20-F-load resistors technical parameters:
power range: 1000W-3500W
Resistance range:-200 ω 1 ω
rated temperature: ≤ 375
voltage between electrode with mounting bracket: 3KV
protection class: IP:00
≤ ± 3% rated resistance value changes under
short-load capacity: 6 seconds 10 times power
ambient temperature:-55 ° c + 315 c
RXG20-F load resistor the permissible load and ambient temperature of



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