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BX7 series adjustable resistor

BX7 series adjustable resistor

BX7 series slide-line resistors used in AC 50 Hz voltage to 380 volts and DC voltage to the 400 kV circuit, mainly as correcting electrical instruments and make a change voltage, current, and instead of the uncertain variable resistor with resistance, in the lab for the experiment or demonstration of voltage, current, As well as generating equipment and excitation of DC motor speed control resistor, use.
this product in multiple parallel maximum current up to 200A. Maximum power up to 50KW. Push the products can be divided into single-tube, a hand-cranked screw tube, hand-push double pipes, electric/hand-screw and double pipe, electric/hand-cranked screw three, four, six tubes, eight pipe thousands of kinds of specifications.

three, BX7, main technical data series adjustable resistor

  1, slip resistance of resistors resistance value less than standard ± 10%.

  2, slip resistance of insulation shall withstand AC 50 Hz 2850 v test voltage, took 1 minute, without breakdown or flashover.

  3, BX7 series slide-wire resistance, insulation resistance at a temperature of + 20 ° c ± 5 degrees centigrade and relative humidity for the heads, no less than 10 mohm.



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