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Surface mount resistors

also known as lead-free surface mount resistance resistor and chip resistor, chip resistors, SMD resistors.

rectangular and cylindrical surface-mount resistors are two shapes. Rectangular surface-mount resistors are made of ceramic substrate, resistor, protective coating, metal Terminal electrode has four major components. Ceramic base tablets General used 96% of alumina ( AL2O3) ceramic making; resistance film usually with RuO2 composition of resistance pulp printed in base tablets Shang, again sintering and into; cover in resistance film Shang of cover general used glass pulp material printed Hou again firing glaze; end head electrode by three layer material composition: within layer (that contact resistance film of part) used contact resistance small, adhesion strong of Ag-Pd alloy; middle for Ni, mainly used to prevent the end of the electrode from; outer layer is determined by Sn or Sn-Pb or consisting of Sn-Ce alloys can be welded.

cylindrical surface-mount resistors are on high alumina ceramic substrate coated with metal or carbon resistor, then at both ends of the metal electrode CAP, after the determined resistance of the screw slot and then brush a layer of heat-resistant insulating paint and spray the surface and paint code flag to.


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