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sporadic resistance in Shanghai Co, Ltd, is the only company in downtown Shanghai resistor factory, there are more than 30 years of production history of the resistance, the products are widely used in various types of electronic and electrical equipment (Elevator/frequency braking, automatic control, cranes, railways, locomotives, ships, machine tools, electric welding machines, etc). Resistor, frequency sensitive rheostat, stainless steel resistors, resistors, fixed resistors, braking resistors. My company is a key for the power industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding industry and schools and research institutions, manufacture of resistor resistor manufacturing company main product applicable to power plants, power grid, water stations, shipyards, steel mills and cement factories and other units, our factory has abundant, reliable quality, reasonable price, such as an absolute advantage, sincere cooperation with dealers and manufacturers. Good quality with good service, so that we get many customers the support and love, and has established a good reputation.

    our factory has advanced test equipment and quality assurance systems, product technical characteristics are based on the International Electrotechnical Commission resistance General specification for production with the existing national standards. Products by the national metrology Center in East China and Shanghai Electric Science Institute qualified detect.

decades of development, our factory has created a group of experienced production, scientific research, management personnel and skilled workforce, oriented to the market, the use of modern management methods, to provide customers with "zero defect" products and services, was awarded GB/T19001-2000-ISO9001:2000, GB/T24001-2004 ISO14001:2004 environment management system certification standard certification.

    I always use high raw materials and strict quality controls to supply high quality products. We will, as always, dedicated to provide customers with quality products and services, and is committed to working with customers to develop new components applicable to customer. Everything for the customer satisfaction is our biggest wish. Let us work together to seize the opportunity and work together to create a more brilliant achievements.
Chang to visit our company guidance, PuTuo district, Shanghai in May 2010.

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